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As of December 19, 2002 we have reached a TA (medical improved on December 20, 2002)
DECEMBER 19, 2002
DECEMBER 23, 2002
January 9, 2004
MARCH 7, 2004
May 24, 2005
June 1, 2005 (Seniority Integration)
September 21, 2005 from the 22nd Constitutional Convention, Las Vegas, NV
19 DEC 06 ~ Welcome Back!
13 is a lucky number - 18 JAN 07 (revised 23 JAN 07)
Recall Results 07 FEB 07
Forced Recall Results 21 FEB 07
May 2, 2007 Transition Agreement for West Employees
September 13, 2007 Welcome Back
November 1, 2007 RE: PBGC Defined Benefit error

Discussion on Consolidation into Local 545

Airline Training Summit Planned for 2009

Vacation Bid Policy Reminder

TWU Health and Safety Guidelines for pandemic influenza prevention and control

Grievance on Furlough Seniority

Proposed By-Laws (draft) for "new" Local 547 (posted 12/17/09)

Grievance on Furlough Seniority Update (posted 2/12/10

Grievance on Furlough Seniority Update (posted 3/3/10)

Grievance on Furlough Seniority Update (posted 3/15/10)

Decision on Furlough Seniority has been made (posted 4/1/10)

Merger talks between United & US Airways and new By-Laws (posted 4/7/10)

"Opinion and Award" from Arbitrator Douglas regarding Furlough Seniority (posted 4/22/10)

Furlough Seniority Update (posted 5/1/10)

Update on Furlough Seniority Grievance back-pay (posted on 5/27/2010)

Information regarding vote on the new Local 547 By-Laws (posted on 5/27/2010)

Payroll is now processing retro pay checks (posted on 6/5/10)

Decision has been made to combine Local 547 and Local 546

Meeting with payroll has been scheduled

Update on our new Local 544

Summary of meeting with company regarding arbitration award

Update on arbitration award and outstanding grievances

Outstanding Grievances update (posted 11/15/2010)

Letter from TWU International President, James C. Little

Update on grievances & upcoming contract negotiations (posted 2/15/11)

Workers Rights are Human Rights (posted 4/4/11)

Settlement of outstanding grievances (posted 6/28/11)

Elections and update on the new Local 544 (posted 6/29/11)

Message from Tim McAninley, TWU-ATD Communications Coordinator (posted 8/20/11)

By-Laws update (posted 8/31/11)

Supplemental Notice of Proposed Rule Making update (posted 9/23/11)

By-Laws update (posted 11/03/11)

By Laws update (posted 11/04/11)