401(k) Profit Sharing Account

(for employees who are Dispatchers and Flight Crew Training Instructors covered under a collective bargaining agreement between US Airways and the TWU)


Following the end of each year, US Airways may contribute a percentage of your Compensation to your Profit Sharing Account, based on US Airways Groupís pre-tax profit margin for the year.

To receive any Profit Sharing Account contribution for a given year, you must be employed by US Airways or a company related to US Airways on December 31st of that year.

Your Compensation will be the Compensation you receive during the year, after you became eligible to participate in the Retirement Program. The following table summarizes how US Airways determines Profit Sharing Account contributions based on pre-tax profit margins each year.

               Pre-tax Profit Margin             % of Compensation

Less than 1.5%                  0%
At least 3.0%                  0.5%
At least 4.5%                  1.0%
At least 6.0%                  2.0%
At least 7.5%                  2.5%
At least 9.0%                  3.5%
At least 11.0%                4.5%
At least 12.0%                5.5%
At least 14.0%                6.5%
15% or more                   7.5%

If the profit margin falls between two of the figures in this chart, the percentage contributed is based on a straight line interpolation between the figures.

THIS AND OTHER RETIREMENT INFORMATION IS LOCATED ON TheHUB UNDER "BENEFITS", "RETIREMENT", "Continue to Retirement Information", "Defined Contribution Summary Plan Descriptions", "TWU/CWA/Non-Union - US Airways, Inc. Employee Pension Plan" AND "TWU/CWA/Non-Union - US Airways, Inc. Employee Savings Plan"